Virtual UX workshops taught by acknowledged industry leaders.

Rosenfeld Media’s virtual training is designed with you in mind. Our workshops combine the cutting edge expertise of some of the world’s leading UX experts with the same high quality that people love about Rosenfeld Media’s UX books and conferences. And they’ve been expertly virtualized; you’ll learn critical new skills in engaging ways from the comfort of your office or home—without feeling drained by the end of the day.

Our virtual workshops:

  • Are taught by a roster of true UX experts, many of whom have written the definitive books on their topics
  • Focus on actionable take-aways and skills for you to bring back to the office
  • Combine lecture, discussion, group and individual exercises, and other teaching techniques that will engage you and fit your learning style
  • Offer a certificate of completion so your boss and your HR department will be happy
Discounts are available for groups who register concurrently. We’re looking forward to learning with you!

Upcoming workshops

Survey Design

with Caroline Jarrett
10 hours over 3 segments: February 14-16, 2022

Surveys seem easy: anyone can throw together a few questions, send them out, and hope that they are rewarded with a decent response. But we’ve all seen examples of poorly conceived surveys that couldn’t possibly deliver real insights for the organization that sponsored them. This highly participative three-session training takes you through the whole process of creating an effective survey, from defining a goal through analysis of data and creating a presentation.

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Interaction Design: 10x Faster, 10x Better

with Daniel Rosenberg
10 hours over 3 segments: April 12-14, 2022

Many designers jump to sketching and prototyping before they understand and define the application at a conceptual level (known as the grammar layer in Semantic IxD). The result is incoherent, overly complex applications with an order of magnitude more screens than necessary. The goal of UX Magic is to teach the Semantic IxD Method to enable UX practitioners achieve their objective with the minimum number of screens and the shortest task flows before the first UX sketches are even produced.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be able to ask the instructor questions?
Yes, you will be able to communicate with the instructor (and, likely, other attendees) via Zoom (audio and chat). Instructors may also choose to use Slack as well.

Do I need any special technology to attend this workshop?
You’ll access the workshop via Zoom (you can find setup instructions here). Individual workshops may also use other tools, like Slack for discussion and virtual whiteboards (e.g., MURAL, Miro) for collaborative work. We’ll make sure you know well in advance of any technical requirements beyond using Zoom.

As this is a remotely taught workshop that includes video, please ideally have fast WiFi or Ethernet connection if at all possible, and quit applications running in the background that might rob your connection’s bandwidth.

Will I get to watch recordings?
Yes, we will make recordings of your workshop available within about a week after the workshop concludes.


What other content will be provided?
As a registered attendee, you’ll receive access to workbooks, the instructor’s deck, and other materials the instructor may provide you.

What if I have technical problems?
We encourage you to test your technology prior to the workshop. We’ll offer a technology troubleshooting session just before the workshop begins.

What should I do if I need closed-captioning?
Upon request, we’ll provide you with closed-captioned access to the presentations. If you have other accessibility-related needs or questions, please email ASAP to let us know.

How many people are allowed to watch the conference on my end?
Your ticket is for a single attendee only. We do make group discounts available as well; select the group ticket type when registering.