Videoconference: Scaling Impact With Service Design with Sarah Brooks, IBM

Session Details

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Thursday, March 25, 4-5pm ET

This will be an informal conversation between Alison Rand and Sarah Brooks. We’ll discuss Sarah’s experience applying service design and design research in both the public and private sector to create organizational change that delivers positive outcomes to people. We’ll touch on questions of working at different scales, within different types of organizational structures and business models.

About Sarah

Sarah Brooks is a design leader and intrapreneur using mixed-methods research and service design approaches to help teams and organizations reach better outcomes. She has worked across enterprise, federal, non-profit, start-up, and hybrid organizations.

Currently, Sarah is the Executive design leader responsible for the development and diffusion of standards and practices that create experience excellence across IBM’s products and services. She is an active mentor, author, and speaker on the art & craft of seamless experiences, systems thinking, and design for complex challenges.