Videoconference recording: “People, not Petri Dishes: Stories from a Research Recruiter” with Sarit Geertjes

Session Details

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Less than a year ago, we opened an in-house participant recruitment service at Atlassian, a 3,000+ employees tech company, for anyone who wanted to do research. During that year, the Research Recruitment team grew to two people and serviced over 150 people who do research. In this talk, I will share what our main learnings were, the pitfalls of opening a free-for-all recruitment service, and some of my top participant recruitment tips.

About Sarit

Sarit Geertjes has been working in the Atlassian Research Ops team in Sydney for a little under a year, with her main focus on designing a participant recruitment service. Prior to Atlassian, she worked as a Participant Recruitment Coordinator at Google for two years and has a background in Social Psychology, HR, and Customer Service. Who knew that this mix would perfectly lead up to a career in Research Ops? High on Sarit’s list of personal values are kindness and compassion, which is how she approaches recruiting participants for research, and in designing a self-service process for the Researchers at Atlassian. 

In her personal life, Sarit enjoys the (usually) beautiful Sydney weather coming from the cold Netherlands, watches many a drag show, and dabbles in yoga and pilates.