Videoconference recording now available – Research Repositories Reconsidered – February 14th, 11am EST, Michele Marut

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For approximately 20 years, Michele Marut has led research to inform and enable teams to make the overall user experience as easy, intuitive, and delightful as possible. She has worked on both hardware and software across a variety of industries for companies such as Philips Respironics, Autodesk, Intuit, and WeWork. As an Innovation Catalyst, at Intuit, she facilitated design thinking workshops and lean experiments.
Now, as a Lead UX Researcher for the CBRE Build team, she’s building up the research practice and establishing a research operations infrastructure. Naturally, this is leading her to reconsider the best approach to creating a research repository. Join her as she discusses the research repositories she’s used (including Polaris) and what she thinks may be good going forward.
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