Videoconference recording, deck, and chat transcript now available – Distributed DesignOps Management with Jilanna Wilson

Session Details

TOPIC: Distributed DesignOps Management

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Struggling to manage Design Operations in a distributed environment? ZenDesk’s Jilanna Wilson knows your pain; join her for a discussion that’ll cover a variety of topics that are challenging Design and Research Operations managers, including:
  • Selecting meeting/project collaboration tools
  • Maintaining healthy team culture
  • Inclusivity
  • Managing critical meetings
  • Dealing with feelings of isolation
  • Consistent documentation and processes
Jilanna leads Design & Research Operations at Zendesk, where she has pioneered the development of the Operations Program over the last four years. Within Product and Brand Design, she is responsible for design and research operations, resourcing, community building and and business management. She is passionate about design and building a vibrant team culture!