Videoconference recording available: September 12, 4pm ET, “Multipurpose Communication & UX Research Marketing” with Molly Fargotstein

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Despite our clear value in informing product and advocating for our customers, UX Research (UXR) tends to have a lot to prove within most companies. Whether it’s our value, knowledge, or definition, there are information-holes about UXR that need to be filled. Not only that, but we have a lot to share with the rest of our company. We want to be sure that our insights are heard. With zero marketing experience, I (alongside our Centralized Research Team) took a stab at rebranding and marketing our UX Research (UXR) team with sincere intention. Collecting lessons and dodging roadblocks along the way, we tested and evolved different methods set out to evangelize UX Research insights, share findings between teams, define and demystify UX Research and prove value for UXR throughout the company. What does that even look like? Molly will tell you.

About Molly
Molly Fargotstein has been working at Mailchimp for a tad under two years. In that time, she’s served as the UX Research Coordinator, continually finding ways to optimize recruitment efforts, streamline procedures, and maximize the evangelization of UX Research’s insights and impact throughout the company. Now, as Mailchimp’s Associate Research Operations Manager, she’s honed her current ResOps focus into three pillars: Recruitment, Knowledge Management, and UX Research Marketing and Communications. Of course, she has a life outside of Mailchimp, where she bakes, writes essays, makes cocktails, and plays with her (2 year old) puppy, Clementine.