Videoconference: “Cutting through the Noise” with Maggie Dieringer, Design Operations Lead at Uber Eats

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September 24, 4-5pm EDT

Bad news cycles, an old friend asking why you work somewhere, endless meetings, shifting priorities, peers with louder voices – there is a lot of noise to break through to stay focused on your day to day work. Join us as we talk with Maggie Dieringer, Sr Design Program Manager, about how she’s helped the Design Operations function grow and find their voice through the noise at Uber.

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About Maggie

Maggie is a detail-forward, creative thinker with a passion for organizing and connecting people and processes. She is the Design Operations Lead at Uber Eats, supporting large programs across a variety of verticals, and has a scalable, systems-based approach to operational challenges. Maggie previously worked on the Uber Rides business and helped grow the Design Program Management function at Uber from the ground up. Outside of work you can find her spreadsheeting her next adventure, trying out new restaurants on Eats, and tending to her surplus of apartment plants.