Videoconference: Building Community and Common Trends to Look for in 2021 with DesignOps Assembly Co-Founders Meredith Black and Elyse Hornbacher

Session Details

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December 17, 3-5pm EST

In this call we will speak with our foremost DesignOps community experts Meredith Black and Elyse Hornbacher. Touching on their backgrounds and the creation of the DesignOps assembly, trends we are seeing in the community and for DesignOps in general, future trends in 2021, and why we need community now more than ever.

About our guest speakers

Elyse Hornbacher and Meredith BlackElyse Hornbacher and Meredith Black co-founded DesignOps Assembly (DOA) in 2017. DOA is focused on fostering community, sharing resources and generating best practices within the DesignOps Industry, offering best-in-class events, creating a forum for discussion and connection, and providing access to industry leaders who are eager to share their experiences and help others learn and grow. As we say, “Share what you know. Make Friends. Don’t go it alone!”