Videoconference: August 8, 4pm ET, Global Research Panels with Wyatt Hayman

Session Details

Wyatt Hayman has been at Airbnb for over four years where he has held three different roles dedicated to investigating top customer feedback issues and developing new feedback mechanisms to strengthen Airbnb’s ability to learn from it’s community.  Wyatt created Airbnb’s first international, multi-lingual beta testing program to support the redevelopment of the Airbnb mobile app. He also created a real-time feedback mechanism to collect feedback and track issues from hosts at Airbnb’s annual convention, Airbnb Open. Wyatt was then tapped by Airbnb’s Director of Research to lead the development of the Airbnb Global Research Panels: a lightweight mechanism to conduct research with members of the Airbnb community in 130+ countries and 11 languages. Over the past two years, as a member of the Airbnb Research Operations Team, Wyatt has been iterating and expanding on this research mechanism. In 2018 his Airbnb peers awarded him the “Global Champion”, as the member of the Airbnb Design Org that most ensures Airbnb is taking a global design perspective.


In this talk, Wyatt will conduct a deep dive into the Airbnb Global Research Panels, the program he has been developing at Airbnb over the past two years.

  • Launch: why Airbnb created the Global Research Panels, the key decisions and the internal alignment required for launching the first version of the Global Research Panel
  • Process: detailed look into the current version of the Global Research Panels, including the mechanics and tools used to manage it
  • Impact: demonstration of ways the Global Research Panels have provided value over the past two years at Airbnb
  • Evolution: see how the Global Research Panels has grown through six iterations so far and the vision for the Global Research Panels program going forward


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