Videoconference: “8 Types of Measures in Design Operations” with Kristin Skinner and Kamdyn Moore

Session Details

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DesignOps as a practice is still relatively new—but the activities have been around long enough that we’re increasingly challenged to justify and quantify what we do. Accordingly, we need to address not just what is DesignOps, but how do we prove its value? What outcomes can we genuinely promise? And how do we know we are successful? In this webinar, we’ll identify techniques, tactics, and tools for proving (and even measuring) value, and describing the outcomes that matter most.

About Kristin Skinner

Kristin Skinner is a design management executive and recognized thought leader in organization design. She is co-author of Org Design for Design Orgs: Building and Managing In-House Design Teams, the first book dedicated to the organization, management, and operations of in-house design teams. A frequent conference keynoter and workshop leader, Kristin co-created and leads curation of the DesignOps Summit series, and has curated the Leading Experience conference. Her executive experience includes senior design management and leadership roles at Chase, Capital One, Adaptive Path, and Microsoft. She is the founder of &GSD, a customer experience consultancy that guides and provides the elements of effective organizations, creating playbooks, measurement frameworks, learning programs, events, and new organizations.

About Kamdyn Moore

Kamdyn is a business-minded creative thinker with an undeniable passion for anything human-centered—design, technology, and even operations. Her expertise spans the broad spectrum of design where her career and education have centered around the multifaceted scale of design and how we engage with the people, places and things in our lives – from intimate interactions on a screen, to the ways in which we respond to our urban environment. She has championed projects for clients from Hewlett Packard to The City of New York and managed multidisciplinary projects across a range of industries including architectural, industrial, service and product design. She is currently a Lead Design Program Manager at Spotify working to understand and improve design productivity and drive Spotify’s new approach to design systems, Encore.